You call your plumber when you have a leak. You call your accountant when you need financial advice. You ask your teenager how to work your new phone. Wait! What if your computer technology questions are more complicated than that?

Creekside Systems can answer your questions, or we’ll find someone who can. We can also give advice. Sure, we’re tech support, but we’re also tech consultants, tech experts, and tech administrators. We can help you plan your new branch office, setup your at-home employee, or get a budget together for next year’s purchases. We can get rid of those computer viruses on your home computer just as easily as we can show you how to update your security settings on Facebook. Here’s the breakdown:
  • In a world of billion dollar computer crime and even more in lost productivity due to technology problems, everyone needs technology support.
  • Having a staff person is great, but no one is an expert in everything. Having a staff person is also too expensive for most small businesses.
  • Outsourcing your tech support doesn’t mean out-of-the-country sourcing your tech support. Creekside Systems and all of its employees live in the United States.
  • We provide yearly contracts, or ‘a la carte’ per issue pricing. You decide what works better for your bottom line and we’ll make it work for us.
  • Everyone knows preventative medicine is the key to good health – it’s the same with computers. We’ll provide you and your staff training on anything from hardware management to security best practices.
We provide support/training by phone, email, remote demonstration, or even in person depending on where you are. If there’s a way to help, we’ll find it. When you call Creekside, you can get computer problems off your plate and go back to the important stuff.

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